The Mallows Handcrafted Organic Marshmallows - Sour Lemon (65g Small pot)

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Marshmallows with a large sense of creativity and magic. The Mallows are made with passion and born from a desire to make  the best organic gourmet marshmallows. 

The assortment includes both fluffy marshmallows and marshmallows coated in luxury chocolate. Our marshmallows are organic and we only use natural flavours.

To share our passion for this "special guilty pleasure", we created characters to describe the emotions and story behind every single marshmallow. Six characters with individual personalities and a huge love for marshmallows were born.

Fully organic Lemon marshmallows - Fantastically sour

Weight of each tub: 65g

The RRP of each tub is £6.95 each.  

When you login, you will see the prices that are by the case of 12.  Wholesale price of each tub is £3.30


Every single time a bad thing happened in Walter’s childhood, his father would ask “And what do you do, when life gives you lemons?”. This made Walter decide to become a professor and uncover bigger truths than annoying proverbs. He researched for 40 years, and finally concluded that proverbs held all the wisdom one would ever need.