Solidu - Solid Cosmetics - Shampoo Pink - Case of 10

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This shampoo is enriched with powdered peony roots and fragrant ylang-ylang essential oil. It‘s suitable for everyday care of normal hair, thoroughly cleanses, soothes the scalp, and offers gentle conditioning.

One of the functional ingredients in the formulation of this shampoo bar are natural peony roots. Peony roots can have various hair benefits, help soothe the scalp, reduce the feeling of itchiness and together with ylang-ylang and geranium will surround you with delightful aroma! PINK shampoo is also enriched with hair-loving natural oils, vitamin E, cedarwood and orange essential oils that can provide a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

The product can be used by vegans.

Case Sizes of 10

Price per Unit £13.95