Rivsalt JALEPENO Chili

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Common in many cuisines, chili peppers are used to add heat and flavor. Whether you grate it over risottos, pastas or tacos, chili gives every dish a fiery aroma. But not all of them are as hot as many people think. Chili peppers belong to the paprika family [Capsicum] and our organic green JALAPENO CHILI [Capsicum Annuum] adds a mild fruity spiciness, making it very versatile and perfect choice on top of many dishes.

The Rivsalt organic green jalapeno chili grows in Spain. It belongs to the mild but very juicy fruits with clearly rounded tips reaching about 5.000 Scoville heat units. Jalapenos in general are particularly popular in Tex-Mex. But they also harmonize perfectly with cheese, in meat dishes such as chili con carne and goulash or in homemade wraps.

Time to challenge the kids? Turn their favorite dish into a spicy grown-up masterpiece.


Case Size: 10

RRP per unit: £12

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