Maison La Bougie - Ceramic Collection - Ayin

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What audacity ! A Haussmanian interior, moldings everywhere, then in the distance in the reflection of the old and golden mirror, a woman takes out of her pocket her amber red Chanel lipstick. A fragrance of incense permeated in the floor of Hungarian peak escapes you. Always maintain the flame of this candle, it will protect you from the evil eye.

Fragrance of:

Head: Ciste, amber, labdanum
Heart: Incense, birch, thyme
Base: Vanilla, patchouli, elemi, amber

Burn time:  60-80 hours.  Weight: 1kg.

The RRP of each Candle Hand is £89.95 each.  

When you login, you will see the prices that are by the case of two.  Wholesale price of each candle is £40


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