Trade Shows

You can find our products and meet the team at the following trade shows:

We'll be taking all our Foodie brands to our first Speciality Fine Food Fair, you can find us upstairs on stand number 3200.    Brands launching include:

- Nordic Honey
- The Mallows
- Vinoos Real Wine Gums
- Tutuspot designer lollipops

Along with the full range of Supertea, Naive Chocolate & ACME Liquorice


We'll be taking all our brands to Top Drawer, you can find us on stand O02 in between Cruush and Artisan coffee (don't buy any tea from there though, we have over 50 flavours you can try and it won't cost you a thing!)     Brands launching include all those above and:

- Candle Hand
- to:from scented candles
- Bold Tuesday Interactive Art
- HappySweeds Umbrellas

Along with ROAM by 42 Pressed Map Prints and Mina Prints.

For tickets, to schedule a meeting or for more information, please get in touch.