Rivsalt BBQ PRO Himalayan Rock Salt Slab (Hot Stone)

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Take your cooking to a whole new level with the BBQ Pro kit by RIVSALT. 

Suitable for barbecues, in the oven or directly on your INDUCTION, gas or electric stove tops. to use, simply add oil to the large salt surface and heat up slowly to create a sizzling cooking surface that seasons evenly as it grills meat, fish, shellfish or vegetables. for a twist, chill the blocks to create a sophisticated surface for serving sushi, fresh fruits or ice cream. the BBQ Pro kit includes an inductive metal holder and two himalayan salt blocks.

BBQ Pro is a large product that weighs in at 8,5 KG and measures 38.0 x 22,5 x 6,5cm.

Total Himalayan salt cooking surface is 30 x 20 cm and the salt blocks are 4,5cm thick. The thickness, which also makes the product heavy, is vital to be be able to barbecue on high temperature. Blocks with less thickness might easily crack.

size: 20x15x4,5cm

weight: 3,2kg

The rivsalt BBQ is priced and sold in a case size of three with an RRP of £65

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